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Deliver a fitness program with fun and purpose
Learn to teach self defence for domestic, workplace and social environments
Socially acceptable methods and techniques

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Coach certification by level

The Defence Coach system does not take years of combat sports training to learn.

Basic self defence skills can be learnt and passed on by following our system.


Programs for all

With many workouts designed to suit all levels and ages, the Defence Coach system has a starting point and program to match all needs.


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Our workouts are designed to delivery satisfaction to people that range from busy to obsessed. With a range to accommodate your situation.

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With over 40 base session plans your excitement for learning and coaching is maintained.

Studio Types

Cross fit gym

Now your gym can offer more than just exercise

Martial arts dojo

Many people don't want the commitment of learning a martial art for self defence

Defence Coach classes can assist in keeping students

Dance studio

Add Defence Coach to you studio classes

It is almoust the same a teaching dance

Group training

For work place training, schools, and support groups

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Defence Coach - Foundation School, is based in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
and is looking to open schools in other areas.
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