Defence Coach

Fitness and Self Defence

A fitness program with fun and purpose.
Learn self defence in domestic, workplace and social environments.
Socially acceptable methods and techniques.

About Us

Getting Started

Our starter program will get you on top of your fitness and have you feeling more confident and safer about yourself after the first session.

Get Fit

Much more than a gym. Defence Coach training will give you knowledge, fitness and confidence.

Get Hooked

"Since being shown many techniques over 40 years ago, I became hooked on learning all I can about self defence"

Trevor Smith - Founder

Get Safe

While there are no shortcuts to learning good self defence we do offer to make it feel like it was short as you enjoy your journey.

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Being Defence Coached is the perfect exercise -


Learn fast, fit fast

Learning as you exercise is the smart way to get fit. It is efficient and does not bore you with hours of meaningless repeated moves.


Programs for all

With many workouts designed to suit all levels and ages, the Defence Coach system has a starting point and program to match all needs.


Latest in exercise plans

Our workouts are designed to delivery satisfaction to people that range from busy to obsessed. With a range to accommodate your situation.

40+ Core Session Plans

With over 40 base session plans your excitement for learning and your attention for training is maintained.

First Step

Defence Coach - Foundation School, is based in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
and is looking to open schools in other areas.
To see if there is a defence coach in your area or to read more click the links below.

Become a Defence Coach

Defence Coach is looking to expand into new areas.
Our training and delivery program has room for new Defence Coaches.
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